16 MARCH 1878, Page 3

It appears that the recent change of Ministry at the

Cape was carried out by Sir Bartle Frere on grave constitutional grounds. The Premier, Mr. Molteno, demanded that Sir A. Cunynghame, though appointed to the chief command of all the forces within the colony, should be deprived of all command over the colonial forces, which should be reserved exclusively to Mr. Merriman, the War Minister of the colony. Sir Bartle Frere de- murred, holding that the demand was unconstitutional, but offered to submit to the opinion of the Attorney-General. Mr. Molteno refused, and the Governor demanded the resignation of the Cabinet. All the Ministers agreed except Mr. Molteno and Mr. Merriman, and the Governor therefore dismissed them, a measure in which he appears to be supported by the colony. It is quite clear that there must be undivided military authority in war- time, and quite clear also that it must be placed in the hands to which her Majesty entrusts her troops ; the colonial forces are raised in her name, as much as the home forces.