16 MARCH 1878, Page 3

The sum of /7,000 has recently been left to the

London School of Medicine for Women by the late Mrs. Oakes, of Sydney, Australia. The success of the movement for the Medical Educa- tion of Women in this country may be regarded now as practi- cally assured, the one remaining obstacle, want of more ample funds for immediate use, having been removed by this efficient and timely aid. The object to which, through years of intense and courageous suffering, the steadfast efforts of the donor,— herself gifted in no small degree,—were directed, was the removal of all restrictions on the higher education and practical usefulness of women. In few ways, perhaps, could that object have been more effectually promoted than by this munificent bequest to a still struggling cause. The difficulty hitherto experienced in establishing a hospital which will give the women-doctors an adequate clinical teaching, or in gaining access for them to the wards of some already established hospital of sufficient repute, will now be permanently surmounted. In negotiations of this kind the question of means is everything, and we shall find pre- judices which were but hall-subdued by argument while the women-doctors were poor, vanishing at once before the sun of their prosperity.