16 MARCH 1934, Page 21

B.B.C. " CENSORSHIP" [To the Editor of THE SPECTATOR.] SIR,—May

I suggest to Janus that the action of the B.B.C. in censoring Mr. Ferric's talk is not on a par with the action of a paper supervising its contributions ? A paper has a policy which it advances in opposition to the policy of other papers. The B.B.C. is a monopoly : it ought to have, and is supposed to have, no policy, but to represent everybody's

[Janus writes : An editor supervises contributions in the light of good taste as well as of policy. I specifically wrote, " personally, I should have let Mr. Ferrie have his say," but if Mr. Dobree holds (as he seems to imply) that when once the B.B.C. has invited anyone to speak on anything it should be under obligation to let him say any mortal thing he may choose to say, then I must definitely disagree. To do that would be to abdicate all responsibility.]