16 MARCH 1991, Page 26

LETTERS Cabinet responsibility

Sir: Tanya Harrod's article on the Badmin- ton Cabinet (Arts, 9 March) only demons- trates again the ambiguous English attitude to objets. The variant of 'The Three Graces' that she refers to in Leningrad is in fact the original. That aside, why should the British be so concerned at keeping Italian art in the country when their own British achievements are continually ex- ported. The fact is nobody ever applied to see 'The Three Graces' in their original setting and the same goes for the Badminton Cabinet. If a nation as poor as we are told that we are, can try to outbid a rich American for £8,580,000, it only proves our foolishness! As for saying it would look well in the Fitzwilliam Museum, so would most of the works hidden in their basement and rarely put on show. Perhaps people who write articles such as these might put their energies and efforts into raising funds to repair the acres of roof which are damaged at the V&A, and which are the true art disgrace of this country.

Roy Miles

29 Bruton Street, London W1