15 MAY 1941, Page 11

In the Garden A broccoli called Nine-star Perennial should be

grown by every- one. Sown now, it will produce next spring a solid cauliflower head surrounded by a varying number of smaller heads. These are excellent_ After they have been cut, the plants should be top-dressed with manure and left to repeat their performance. The richer the soil the finer the central cauliflower will be, and the preparation of a specially rich piece of ground is well worth while for this delicious thing. From time to time people ask if the nuts of ornamental almonds are useful for food. I have always said no, partly because of their bitterness, partly because you need a sledge-hammer to crack them.- I now find they are excellent in taste and much easier to shell if stored and left till mid-winter or spring. Worth remembering, I think, for Christ- mas-time, since they are quite equal to imported nuts. Of the dwarf-almond which I mentioned a week or two ago several cor- respondents have sent notes of explanation, one—my thanks in spite of the anonymity—kindly sent sprays of flower. It appears to be amygdalus nana—ground-almond or Russian almond, a native of Tartary.