15 MAY 1941, Page 14

GERMANY AFTER THE WAR" s111,--If we are to have "the

whole truth and nothing but the truth" one statement in Dr. W. H. Dawson's letter in your issue of May 9th should be corrected. Reference to the Government White Paper on the subject will show Dr. Dawson that it was not until after Lord Runciman explicitly stated that he felt his mission to be at an end, because, owing to subversive and anarchic activities from without and within, the situation in Czecho-Slovakia had entirely changed, that he suggested the cession of the Sudeten area to Germany. To omit this fact is to travesty the truth. It may further be remembered that, when questions of minorities came before the League, the Czecho- Slovakian minorities were considered to be the best treated in Europe. No doubt there were hardships, regrettable but natural in the light of past history, but compared with minorities in other countries, particularly in Germany, their lot was the least to be deplored.—Yours