15 MAY 1941, Page 3

Remittances to American Hosts

The Chancellor of the Exchequer will surely see the necessity of saying yes to the question which Mrs. J. R. Rathbone is addressing to him in the House of Commons. She is asking for a relaxation of the present restrictions to permit the sending of small but regular contributions to American foster-parents of British children. Those who are generously acting as hosts to mothers of children should be added, and Canadians as well as citizens of the United States. No money remittance will repay the kindness of those who have sought to serve this country by taking in mothers and children, but it ought to be recognised that many who have done so neither realised that the war was likely to last so long nor that they themselves would be heavily taxed to pay for aid to Britain. The amount of foreign exchange involved in small remittances to Americans towards the costs they have incurred as hosts would be almost negligible. To impose a strain upon the personal relations of Britons and Americans just now would be short-sighted in the extreme. This is not a moment for pedantic financial purism. Sir Kingsley Wood will surely see the wisdom of stretching a point.