16 NOVEMBER 1844, Page 8

A letter from Lord Kinnaird to a gentleman at Dundee:

announces that the Queen and Prince Albert have signified their intention of con- tributing 100/. to the erection of public baths in that town.

An amusing mistake occurred at the christening at Burghley House. The Bishop of Peterborough, who performed the ceremony, had com- menced it and was going on, when it was discovered that the infant who was to be christened was not in the room. The young lady was. immediately brought in, however, and the ceremony recommenced.— Times.

The barristers of the Western Circuit, with Sir Frederick Thesiger, Sir Thomas Wilde, and other gentlemen, gave a grand congratulatory dinner to Mr. Justice Erie, last evening, at the Albion, in Aldersgate.

The inquest on Mr. Jacob Samnda and the six persons who were killed with him in the Gipsy Queen closed today. The Jury returned a verdict of " Accidental Death " ; adding the opinion, that "a ring or collar added to the pipe which entered the socket would prevent such another occurrence.'

The manufactory of Messrs. Horne and Thompson, the coach-builders,.

which lay behind their warehouse, in Oxford Street, was burned down this morning. It was insured for 20,000/.

A man named Pierce Wynne, contiguous to Ballyduff, Kerry, died last week at the advanced age of 110.—Limerick Chronicle.