16 NOVEMBER 1895, Page 13

Ancient and Holy Welts of Cornwall. By M. and L.

Quiller- Couch. (C. J. Clark.)—We may commend this little volume, a painstaking account of the Cornish Holy Wells. They have been personally visited, and their present condition is described. Some have ceased to exist ; "destroyed by mining" is their epitaph. In many cases the old belief in them has disappeared. Some of the springs have at least the virtue of being inex- haustible; their medicinal value is seldom kept in view. In a few cases the old fame survives, and under curious circumstances. At Madron Well, for instance, the Wesleyans hold an annual service on the first Sunday in May ; a sermon is preached; " after which the people throw in two pins or pebbles to consult the spirits, or try for sweethearts; if the two articles sink together, they will soon be married."