16 NOVEMBER 1895, Page 14

Lectures on Colet, Fisher, and More. By the Rev. Arthur

J. Mason. (S.P.C.K.)—It is not necessary to do more than com- mend Dr. Mason's lectures to the notice of our readers. The sketches are necessarily in outline, for each portrait had to be finished in a brief time, but they will be found interesting and valuable. Dr. Mason mentions, we see, the curious fact that Fisher was really guilty of treason, though the charge about the Maid of Kent was absurd. He had endeavoured to bring about an invasion of England by Charles V. Mr. Mason does justice to Cranmer's efforts to save Fisher and More by pleading for per- mission for them to take the oath in their own way. The lecturer's final words are notable. He sees his ideal in a time when English Churchmen shall be "resolved to make nothing less than the adoration of the Incarnate Word the great condition of fellow- ship, and within that fellowship to welcome every form of verifi- cation and research."