16 NOVEMBER 1945, Page 16

A White Witness The excellent International Committee for Bird Preservation

has re- started its activities. One of its organisers writes: "I am walking on air to be back to natural history again and there are many others like me. From the letters I get from people in and just out of the forces I think they are starved for the more beautiful side of life." The com- mittee that deals especially with the preservation of duck is sending forth a quaint special plea under the name of Peter Scott. The pink-footed goose is a great migrant which winters in England and Scotland; and among those that have arrived is a white or light sandy-coloured specimen, seen on the Solway. It is hoped that the distinctive appear- ance of this albino specimen may help to solve certain important questions on the migration of the species and sportsmen are begged to spare its life and to report its appearance to the committee at the Regent's Park Zoo. Alive it may be an invaluable bird. Geese and ducks, above all other birds, demand international protection. Their migratory move- ments are very wide, in Europe as in North America, and their nests; as well as the birds themselves, are vulnerable and invite marauders. Hence the need to trace their habits with exactitude.