16 NOVEMBER 1945, Page 15


Snt,—I have read with interest the letter of Professor M. Burgess in your issue of November 2nd, and before replying I have made further inquiries into the matter of the accuracy of the information received by me. My information about Brittany came from a very reliable source, and I am perfectly satisfied that the particulars supplied are accurate. I am pre-

pared to supply you with the name of the informant on the strict under- standing that it is not published in the Press or communicated to the French authorities and will only be used to satisfy you of the bona fides of the information supplied. Under the present conditions, I do not think that it would be advisable for his name to be publicly made known. He was, however, an eye witness of the events described and is acquainted with M. Roparz Hemon, the former director of the Rennes radio, who is at this day in a concentration camp at Rennes.

The information with regard to the oppression of the Bretons does not come from a Breton political Nationalist, but comes from a Breton holding the rank of officer in the French Army—a most reliable man and a