16 NOVEMBER 2002, Page 38

Tax-collector Ken

From Mr John Kennedy Sir: Kate Chisholm ('Road wage', 9 November) is right that the congestion charge will make matters worse, but then it was never intended to make London less congested. It was always intended to be a means to tax car-owners. Ken Livingstone has said several times that if you own a car you are rich. We all know what he believes the rich are for, and that is to pay for his off-the-wall schemes to subsidise those perceived as minority groups. He hates the ordinary, law-abiding, taxpaying citizen.

He is to create a new task force which will pursue to the fullness of the law any legally registered car-owner who has the temerity to forget to pay his new tax. Yet the thousands of illegal, untaxed, uninsured vehicles that are not registered to their rightful owners will continue to drive into central London with all the contempt for society and the law that Mr Livingstone so admires.

John Kennedy

London N16