16 NOVEMBER 2002, Page 87

Q. May I pass on a tip to readers who

arc short of money but perhaps looking for an all-purpose, sheer black top of the type now so fashionable but usually retailing for about £200 or £300 from a named designer? In the wake of the Wayne Hemingway allegations about prices in the fashion world being unnecessarily high, I was delighted to witness my own teenage daughter knocking up exactly such a top for herself simply by asking me for an old pair of black tights, cutting off the two legs and cutting a V-shaped hole into the gusset. When she put this on directly over her head, the effect was indistinguishable from something costing far more from a known designer. And, I might add, the 'waistband' of tights does perfectly good service in reverse. I hope you will find this tip useful.

F.W., London W8 A. Thank you very much for your consideration in submitting this tip. I experimented with your advice immediately and found that the effect was surprisingly good.

Mary Killen