16 OCTOBER 1841, Page 10

There is some additional news of the movement in Spain,

but it makes no progress. The Paris papers of Thursday mention a new name among the chief revolters- " We learn," says the Constitutionnel, " from an English courier, that M.. Isturitz is deeply involved in the attempt at Madrid; and that in case of suc- cess in proclaiming a Provisional Government, he was to have been its chief, with full powers from the Committee in Paris. M. Isturitz is under arrest. Three military chiefs have already been condemned to death by a court-mar- tial. One of them is a younger brother of Cordova." Christina's organ in Paris, the Prase, explains that the attack on the Royal Palace at Madrid was made by a mistake, prematurely and with- out preparation ; but the explanation shows that the conspirators could not conceal their plans from Espartero- " It appears that the directors of the combined movement at Madrid had had at first the idea of making an attack by surprise; but this project failed,

because the Regent had received word of all that was in preparation at Pampeluna, and he kept on his guard. They then adopted a new plan of attack, combined with the effect to be produced in Madrid by the news of the

rising of O'DonnelL But this project also failed, because Espartero received with the news of the rising four letters, left in mistake by O'Donnell on the table of the lodging which he occupied at Pampeluna ere throwing himself into the citadel. These letters were sent by Ribeiro to Madrid, and betrayed the officers at Madrid who were in concert with O'Donnell. The Regent ordered their arrest, and committed the execution of this order to the cavalry ; but he was so badly served that all were able to escape into places of concealment." Their subsequent intrigues, however, of which the detail is some- what complex and little interesting, were a series of failures.

On the 11th, O'Donnell again summoned Pampeluna to surrender,. and again repaid refusal with a cannonade. The Regent has appointed

General Ayerbe from Arragon, to replace the honest but inactive Ri- beiro ; and Van Halen has taken Ayerbe's command. Letters from the frontier, of the 11th, state that the insurgent force collected

at Vittoria on the 8th amounted to nearly 5,000 men. Urbistondo, a Christine., was on the same day in Bergara with 1,500 more ; and a body of 200 National Guards had left Vittoria with 3,500 muskets, for

the purpose of arming the peasantry of the neighbouring villages. On the 9th, Martin Barrea, the famous partisan chief, who remained faith- ful to Espartero, had approached to within a distance of three leagues of

Vittoria, with five battalions and 700 cavalry. A deputation from

Guipuscoa had been to see Urbistondo. A provincial battalion, sum- moned by General Alcala from Burgos, had deserted to Piquero. Bar- celona has declared for Espartero ; and Fernandez, a Colonel in the army of Carlos, has raised the standard of revolt in the mountains of Guitavia.

There is some doubt as to the proceedings of Don Francisco de Paula : both parties seem to claim him as an ally ; both seem to throw difficulties in his way into Spain. Probably he is really friendly to Espartero ; but his troublesome inconsequence is feared as a likely source of embarrassment. The Paris correspondent of the Morning Post, writing at half-past five on Thursday, gives the latest news of Spanish affairs- " I have just received positive information that Espartero has set out, at the head of a considerable force, on his march against the Basque Provinces; and that O'Donnell's ruin is certain, not having money to go on, and being deserted by his party.

" It also appears that the head of the French Government promised to send 800,000 francs to O'Donnell as soon as intelligence of the movement should transpire; of which 150,000 francs only were given to him before he left Paris ; so that O'Donnell is now at a stand-still only through lack of money. Chris- tina has positively refused to displace her funds for the advancement of an in- surrection.

" Burgos has not declared for Christina. Barcelona was quiet on the 8th; and if a movement takes place there, it will be in favour of the republic. " Senor Olozaga is now endeavouring to obtain from Queen Christina an avowal that she has not countenanced the movement."