16 OCTOBER 1841, Page 11



There was no political cause for the depression of 1 per cent. in the prices of the Funds that occurred on Saturday afternoon, and which we noticed in the latter part of our impression on that day ; but the decline was entirely owing to the great pressure of Stock upon the market : and as that cause continued in operation during the whole of Monday, a further fall of nearly 1 per cent. took place in the course of that day ; Consols for Money having been as low as 874, while for Account the price declined to 87*. A better feeling has since prevailed; and as a purchase of 300,0001. on account of the Court of Exche- quer was made on Wednesday, prices have recovered nearly 1 per cent. from their extreme point of depression, and are this afternoon nearly the same as the closing prices of Saturday. The settlement of the Consol Account took place yesterday ; and was rendered much lighter than it would otherwise have been, by the relief afforded to the market by the purchase above noticed. There have been four defaulters declared during the week ; but one of them has since settled all the claims upon him, and the other three are not under extensive en- gagements. Money business recommenced on Monday in the various Stocks, the books of which had been previously closed for the Dividends, after an in- terval of nearly six weeks. We subjoin the quotations of some of the prin- cipal at the two periods—

Average Price on the 1st l'rice on 11th Fall in price, after September, October. allowing for with Dividend. ex-Dividend the Dividend, Bank Stock 1701 164t

221Ppeerr cent. .

Three per Cent. Reduced... 90/ 964 Three-and-half per Cent. do. 99k 95t It per cent.

Ditto 1818 981 951 It per cent. The price of Consols for Account on 1st September was 90k ; and the average quotation of Monday was 874, thus marking a decline 21 per cent. The average price of Bank Stock on the 11th was 1644, but it was quoted as low as 164; it has since risen, and is today at 164 and 165. A quotation of New Five per Cents. occurs today, which is of very rare occurrence-125. Exchequer Bills have not fluctuated materially : after being at 9, they are today lls. to 13s.

In the Foreign Market, the depression of the English Funds produced almost a panic in the Non-Dividend Stocks ; Mexican having been as low as 22i, and Columbian at 18} : but both have since improved, and Mexican are today 244

25, and Columbian 19 to Spanish Active, which closed on Saturday at 20, was on Monday as low as 17*; this great depression being occasioned by the quantity of Stock thrown on the market by the failure of two speculators, one of whom had made purchases to the extent of 100,000/. ; great exertions were made to stop the decline, and an eminent speculator purchased largely at 184, but all in vain—in the course of the day the price fell, as above stated, to 17*, being a depression of nearly 3 per cent. from the closing price of Saturday ; the market improved before the close of the day to 18k. and has since continued to rise, closing yesterday at 19i. The intelligence from Spain received today being considered favourable, the market opened briskly, and soon reached 201 ; but has again declined to 20, to close at 24*. During yesterday and the pre- vious day, money was in demand upon the security of Foreign Stock, and there was not much disposition among the capitalists to advance upon it except at high rates; but with the altered appearance orthe market confidence has returned, and money was readily obtainable today at easy rates upon all the current varieties. Brazilian Stock continues depressed; it has been quoted as low as 57, and is nominally 55 to 57. Old Portuguese Bonds of the Loan of 1823 are also 10 per cent. below the quotations at which they stood a few days ago ; having fallen from 57 to 47. This decline is traceable to the delay in the payment of the last Brazilian Dividend; the Old Portuguese Debt having been taken by the Brazilians as the price of their independence. The Portuguese Regency Stocks have fluctuated about 1 per cent.; but the transactions in them have been quite unimportant : the Five per Cents. have been as lbw as 24, and after being done today at 30*, close at 29} to 30*; the Three per Cents. have fallen from 184 to 17*, and have since improved to 18*. We cannot quote any transactions in the converted Five per Cents., which are nominally quoted at 24. The other Foreign Funds have not been extensively affected by the recent fluctuations, nor have there been any transactions of importance in them : tbfa have generally shared in the depression of the Eng- lish Funds, and like them, have recovered to the quotations of last week. Great anxiety was expressed for the arrival of the Caledonia, from Boston; which, it was expected, would bring the result of the trial of M‘Lzon. The news of her arrival is hourly expected. An advertisement has appeared from Mr. Jarroors, the agent of the United States Bank at Paris, stating the inability of that establishment to pay the portion of its Debentures that become due today, and offering to the holders of such securities the guarantee of a deposit in the hands of Messrs. ROTHS- CHILD of a large amount of Debentures of the Bank that have been already withdrawn from circulation. It is also proposed to enlarge the period of the maturity of the Debentures now becoming due, till 1842, and to add a Coupon for a premium of 2 per cent to the Debentures in addition to the interest for -the period of the extension. The security is such as scarcely to deserve the name, but it is the beat that the Bank can offer ; and as by the recent convey- ance of its property to trustees its creditors are debarred from taking any legal steps for the recovery of their debts, we suppose that they will be forced to be content with it. The Bank Shares have been done at 17s. 6d. per Share, and .re today about 20s.


The usual monthly statement of the liabilities and assets of the Bank of England for the month ending 12th instant has made its appmmnce. As com-

pared with the last, there is an increase of 111,000/. in the amount of the Cir- culation, but a decrease in every other item of the account ; the Deposits having diminished 523,0001., the Securities 139,0001., and the Bullion 262,0001.: this latter item has fallen back the whole of the increase which has accrued during the summer, and is now nearly as low as it was in April last. It is, 'however, much higher than it was in October last, as the amount w6 then only 4,145,0001., whereas it is now 4,713,000/. In October 1839 the amount of -bullion was only 2,525,000/. The intelligence from Ncw York, brought by the packet-ship Sheridan, has produced a very unfavourable effect upon the Funds, and every description of Stock is more than 4 per cent. below yesterday's prices. Consols for Money have opened at 88, and are now 874 4 ; while for Account the opening price was 884, and the quotation is now 874 4. Reduced Three per Cents. have fallen from 864 to 861. Reduced Thrce-and-a-half per Cents. from 94 to 96, and New Three-and-a-half per Cents. from 974 to 974. In the Foreign Market, Dutch Two-and-a-half per Cents. have been done at 504, Brazilian at 55. Portuguese Five per Cents. Regency are 29 4 30; Thres per Cents. 184. Spanish Active opened at 204, and after being at 194, is now 194 20. The Railway Shares are all lower ; Brighton being 114- to 4 discount, Great Western ht to 10 premium, Birmingham 67 to 69, and South Western 51 2 per Share.


The market has been firmer during the afternoon ; Consols for Account having been done at 884, and after oscillating for some time between buyers and sellers at 884, closing at 88 to A. The other English Funds are at an ad- vance of about 4 per cent. upon the lowest quotations. In the Foreign Market, Brazilian Bonds arc very heavy; 5001. Stock having been sold at 524, and the closing quotation being 52 to 54. Spanish Active, which has been as low as 194, has improved to 204 4, in consequence of a purchase of 100,000/ by one of the principal brokers. The other Foreign Stocks are generally at the morn- ing's prices, though we should say that the various markets are heavy. There is no material variation in Railway Shares • but they are generally not so firm as in the morning; those of the Brighton line are about 10s. lower, closing at Its tog discount.

2 per Cent. Consols

875 5 Columbian 6 per Cents 19

Ditto for Account

881 Danish 3 per Ceuta

774 81

3 per Cent. Reduced 865 5 Dutch 24 per Cents 505 1 34 per Cent. Ditto 96 5 Mexican 5 per Cents. Cons& 24 New 34 per Cents 974 5

Portuguese Regency 5 per CLS. 294 30

Bank Stock

Ditto New 5 pet Cents. 1841.. 254 Exchequer Bills 11 13 pm. Ditto 3 per Ceuta . 18 4 India Stock

Ruskau 5 per Cents..... 112 113 Brazilian 5 per Cents 50 55 Spanish (Active) 201

-Belgian 5per Cents

102 3