16 OCTOBER 1841, Page 11

The Limerick Reporter publishes an abstract of an extraordinary ser-

mon preached in Limerick. Last Sunday was the first after the in- stallation of the Mayor of that close corporation; and the corporate officers went, according to custom, to hear the usual sermon. The Reporter describes the company- " There were present, its [the corporation's] patron, Lord Gort, the patron's son, the Honourable C. S. Vereker, Mayor, the Sheriffs, Messrs. Gelston and Watson, the Aldermen Crips, Watson, Gibson, &c., the Town-Clerk, the Ser- geants-at-mace, Bellmen, and Bailiffs ; dressed out in all the silly pomp and idle parade of office, to hear the installation-sermon ; which was usually a com- pound of fulsome praise of their long-tried loyalty, patience, forbearance, ar d, above and before all, of their charity and attention to the wants and wishes of the citizens, and careful and useful disbursement of the public funds committed to their charge. They filled the gallery appropriated to their use, which, we te- lieve, is called the Corporation Gallery, and which exactly fronts the pulpit."