16 OCTOBER 1841, Page 12


The Urania, Ogilvy, sailed from Liverpool for New South Wales on the 7th, got on shore on West Hoyle, and has since become a total wreck.

Arrived—At Gravesend. Oct. 9th. Emily, Hillman ; ao:1 Buckinghamshire. Moore, from Bombay; and John Dugdale. Milward, from Singapore ; 10th. Charlotte, Peckett. from China; 12th, Eliza, SPCarthy, from ditto; John Heyes, Stoll; Janet, Chalmers ; and Calypso, Smith. from Bengal; Ann. Murray; Duke of Brunte, Payne; and Acasta. Byte, from Bombay; nod Caroline. Robb. from Mauritius. At Deal. 14th. Mary Taylor, Williams. from New South Wales; Hooghley, Bailey; and Abbotsford, Chambres, from Bengal; and 15th, Robert Newton, Mosey, from New South Wales, At Liverpool. 9th. Men, Ponsonby, from ChLa ; Harriet Scutt, Beyuou ; and Crown, Kerr, from Bombay; Matilda, Rowe; and Elvira. —, from Beal; 11th. Robert Stride, —; and Caledonia, Camel, from Bombay; Gemini, Maiden, from Bengal; and Westbrook, Liuniugtou, from China ; 13th. Countess London, —,from Bombay; and Standard. Harrison, from Bengal. At China, Juue 14th, Earl of Clare, Scott; 16th, Scaleby Castle, Johostou ; and 26th, G. Armstruug, Jones, from London.