16 OCTOBER 1841, Page 21



On the 8th October, at Dover Street, the Hon. Mrs. Salmi. of a son. On the 8th, at Petersham Lodge, the Lady of ANDREW Buctrartarr. Esq., her Majesty's Secretary of Legation at Florence. of a still-born daughter. On the 9th. at Upper Grosvenor Street, the Lady of J. W. Hose, Esq., M.P., of a daughter. On the 9th. at Lees. Berwickshire, the Lady of DAVIT. RONEtersos, Esq.. of a daughter. On the 10th, at Bishop's Court, Ireland. the Countess of CLONMELL. of a daughter. On the 12th, at Hill House, Streatham, the Lady of Captain J. W. REYNOLDS, Prince Albert's Hussars, of a son. On the 13th, at Leamington, Warwickshire, the Lady of WiLLLem PLOWDEN, Esq., of Plowden Hall, Salop, of a daughter. On the 14th. at Chippenham Park, the Lady of the Rev. Avorents J. THARP. Vicar of Chippeuham, of a daughter.

Ou the 14th, at Westbourne Place, Eaton Square. the Lady of R. BUCHANAN DUNLOP, Esq., of Drumhead, of a daughter.

At Melton, the Lady of the Rev. Fears HEWSON, of Southall, and daughter of John Hardy, Esq., M , P., of a daughter.


On the 220 September, at Florence, Rosen. M'ALartur, Esq., of Doobeg, Sligo, to Jr.aweerrE CHARIAITIE. daughter of the late Henry Bell. Esq., of Newbeggin House, Northumberland.

On the 2d October, at Lyme Regis Church, G. D. 0. KELLEY TEMPLER, EN., to CAROLINE WILHELMINA, eldest daughtsr of Colonel Sir Dudley St. Leger Hill, K.C.B. On the 5th. at St. Saviour's. Bath, Gamuts Aucioarcts, only surviving son of the late Sir Joseph lIuddart, of Brynkir, to ELINOR SOPHIA, eldest daughter of Lane Maguiac, Esq., of the Bengal Civil Service. On the 8th, at West Farleigh, Kent. Captain Frrzurangar, Rifle Brigade, to ELLEN MARGARET, only daughter of Janice Hepburn, Esq., of Tacit Place, Kent. On the 9th, at St. George's Church, Hanover Square. Sir neon HUME CAMPBELL, M.P.. to JULIANA REBECCA, only daughter of Lieutenant General Sir Joseph Fuller. On the 12th. at Saint Geld, the Rev. ALEXANDER Oast, of Woodbank, county of Antrim, to ELIZABETH CATHERINE, youngeet daughter of James Blackwood, Eeq., of Strangford.

On the 12th. at Hayes, Middlesex, WILLIAM Douom. Cantsrie. Esq , Barristerat- Law, to Maar, eldest daughter of Colonel James Grant, C.B., of Hayes Park.

On the 12th, at St. James's Church, Piccadilly. HENRY RUSH, Esq., of Yately. Hants, to Maar FonmaN, third daughter of the late Richard Forman, Esq., of Little Testwood House.

On the 12th, at Ightbam. Kent, GroRCIS FILER, Esq., Barrister-at-Law, to SUSAN, daughter of Ralph Foster. Esq., of St. Leonard's. On the 13th. at Wookey Church, Captain PEARSON, Forty-third Light Infantry, only son of Major-General Sir Thomas Pearson, to FRANCES, youngest daughter of the late John Armstrong. Esq. On the 14th. at Trinity Church, St. Maryleboue, the Rev. RICHARD PARKER, MA., of Welton. Lincolnshire, to liaaturr EMMA, eldest daughter of George Gowan, Esq.. of Park Crescent, London. On the 15111, at St. Marylebone Church, Vice-Admiral Lord CoLviLLE, to the Hon. ANN Law, third daughter of the late and sister of the present Lord Elleoborough.


On toe 7th July, at Calcutta, MARY, Wife of Mr. Alexander Anderson ; and on the 6th August, just as he was about to depart for England with his children, the said ALEXANDER ANDERSON, Esq., formerly of Leith. On the 31st July. at Cuttack, East Indies. Janes KERN Ewaser. Esq., Bengal Civil Service, fifth sou of Peter Ewart. Esq., Royal Dockyard, Woolwich. On the 13th August, in the West Indies. ALEXANDER Currwommy DAWSON, Esq.: R.N., First Lieutenant of her Majesty's ship Astrea, and eldest son of Admiral Daw- sou. late of Carrickfergus. On the 14th August, at St. Helena, ANDREW DARLING,. Esq.; in his 57th year. Ou the 27th August. at Verdure. Florida. HELEN; and on the 29th of the same month. RUSSELL, (the Wife of Joseph Chokes. Esq., of Tallahasse,) both daughters of the late James Ormond, Esq., of Leith. On the 3d October. at Stevenson House, near Fladdiugton, Mrs. Maar Mawr, Relict of John Cadell, Esq., of Cockenzie ; in her 89th year. On the 6th, at Margate, ANN, Relict of the late John Hatfeild, Esq., of Norwich; iu her 92d year. On the 7th, the Right Hon. FREDERICK Jona Lord MONSON; in his 33:1 year.

On the 8th, at Bridehead, Dorsetslare, JANE. Relict of the late Robert Williams. Esq., of Moor Park, Heels, and of Bridehead; iu her 102d year.

On the 9th. in Newnmu Street, the Rev. PETER OPIU', B.D., late Senior Fellow of Trinity College, Cambridge; in his 77th year. On the 1011,. at Kippax. the Hon. and Rev. ARCHIBALD HAMILTON Calluses.. Rector of Methley. Vicar of Kippax, and Prebend of York; iu his 78th year. Ou the 10th, at Burwood House, Surrey, Admiral Sir THOMAS WILLIAMS, G. C .B.; in his 80th year.

On the 10th, at the Viue House, near Sevenoaks, the Right Hon. Sir Jona BATLEY. Bart.•' in his 79th year.

On the 12th. Colonel CLITHEROW, of Boston House, Middlesex; in his 75th year. On the 13th, at Totteuhana, Tuustas Cosa, a member of the Society of Friends ; in his 94th year. Ou the 13th. at Pelham Place. Brompton, Mrs. THOMSON, Wife of George Thomson. Esq., of Edinburgh. At Jamaica, the Hon. AUGUSTUS FREDERICK ELLIS, second son of Lord Seaford, then commanding the Second Battalion Sixtieth Rifles. His death was accelerated by his indefatigable attention and anxiety to arrest the mortality which had already destroyed so many of his regiment.