16 OCTOBER 1841, Page 22


Tuesday, Oct. 11.


Swiney and Hartley. Dublin-J. S. and It. S. Taylor. Sheffield, surgeons-Triebner and Houle, London-Jonesaud Hollis, Portland Place, livery-stable-keepers-Barnard and Joy, Norwich. iroumougers-Wright and Girdlestone. Golden Square, encodes - 35•Clure and Leese. Manchester, calico-printers-Piukess and Dudding. Liverpool, varnish-manufac urers-S. and J. Wiggins. Danbury. Essex, brewers - Moody and Prost. H udders field, fancy woollen cloth manufacturers-Hervey and Robinson, Salford, aizers-Shaw and Cummins. London, merchants-Gibson and Co. Der weut Iron- foundry. Derbyshire. ironfounders ; as far as regards T. Gibson-H. and L. Hiller, Sheffield. pork-butchers-J. and J. Whitaker, Wortley, Yorkshire. tire-brick makers -Glyde and Co. Lyme Regis, clothiers-J. and W. Baughan, Buckingham, carpenters.


Foorrrr, Limn, Sheffield, scrivener, Oct. 9.

LUCAS, ROBERT, Bristol. ironmouger. Oct. 9.

MILES, GEORGE, Oxford Street. cheesemonger. Oct. 12.


PRICE. JOSEPH, and Co. Yeovil. liuendrapers. PHILLIPS, Timbres Joxes. Newport, Monmouthshire, scrivener.


Batownr, Joint, Edgbaston. Birmingham, wire-drawer, to surrender Oct. 22, Nov. 23: solicitors. Messrs. Beswick, Birmingham.

BYNE. Faastcrs LEE, Liverpool. broker. Oct. 27, Nov. 23: solicitors, Messrs. Ral- mondi and Gooday. Gray's Inn ; and Mr. Salter, Ellesmere.

Cuezvaara. THOMAS senior. Stockport, surgeon, Oct. 26. Nov. 23: solicitors, Messrs. Milne and Co. Temple ; and Mr. Weston. Manchester. Ctams. Jolla Sexasmo. Angel Court. Throgmortou Street, broker, Oct. V. Nov. 23: solicitor, Mr. Stephens, Northumberland Street; official assignee, Mr. Groom, Ab- church Laue.

Eas-rw000, Samuel., Huddersfield, woolstapler, Oct. 28, Nov. V : solicitors, Messrs. Van Sandau and Cumming, King Street, Cheupside; and Mr. Jacomb, Huddersfield.

EDWARDS, JOHN, Hungerford, wine-merchant, Nov. 2, 23: solicitor, Mr. Dimmock, Size Laue.

HALFORD, RICHARD, and Co. Canterbury, bankers, Oct. 25, Nov. 23: solicitors. Messrs. Richardson and Talbot. Bedford Row ; sod Messrs. Sankey and Sladden, Canterbury. Elmartaxe, THOMAS. Manchester, manufacturer of woollens, Oct. 23, Nov. 23: soli- citors. Messrs. R. M. and C. Baxter, Lincoln's Inn Fields; and Messrs. Sate and Worthington, Manchester. MONTEATH, WILLIAM, Oxford Street, linendraper, Oct. 19, Nov. 23: solicitor, Mr. Lloyd. Cheapside ; official assignee, Mr. Green, Aldermanbury. Moans, RICHARD, Chepstow, timber merchant, Oct. 16. Nov. 23: solicitors, Mr. Whitehouse. Chancery Lauer and Mr. Morgan. Birmingham. PAINE, EDWARD, Liverpool, dr3salter. Oct. 23. Nov. 23: solicitors. Messrs. Adling- ton and Co. Bedford Row ; and Messrs. Duncan and Radcliffe, Liverpool. Pintos. loos, Bedford, tailor, Oct. 22, Nov. 23: solicitor. Mr. Ness, Dyer's Bond- i nip; official assignee, Mr. Johnson, Basinghall Street.

RICHMOND, Joao, and Sorrn, ROBERT, Manchester. yarn-agents. Nov. 4. 23: soli- citors. Messrs. Bower and Back, Chancery Laue; and Mr. Barrett, Manchester. DIVIDENDS.

Nov. 4, Howley, Mincing Lane, broker-Nov. 2. Fearnley, Bradford, Yorkshire. woolstapler - Nov. 2, Faulkner junior, Danver's Wharf, Chelsea. builder - Nov. 2, Masson. Lime Street Square, merchant-Nov. 2. Underhill and Slater. Watling Street, warehousemen-Nov. 2, Winter, Blue-ball Yard, St. James's Street, winemerchaut - Nov. 2, Norman, Blackman Street. wine-merchant-Nov. 2, Compton, Beckenham, farmer-Nov. 4, Barber, Walworth Road, pawnbroker-Nov. 4. Ward, Woolwich, banker-Nov. 4, Maddox and Bleukarn. Watling Street, warehousemen-Nov. 5, Walden. Liverpool, silk-mercer-Nov. 4. Hoiden, Manchester, innkeeper -Nov. 4, Dickson, Liverpool. seed-merchant-Nov. 4, Glover, Liverpool, seed-merchant-Nov. 4. Lowe. Liverpool. attorney-Nov. V. Cocking. Beeston, Bedfordshire. market-gar- dener-Nov. 6. Taylor, Kingston-upon-Hull. liuendraper -Nov. 6, Field, Moreton- in-the-Marsh. corn-merchant - Nov. 6, H. and C. Grove. Birmingham, grocers- Nov. 9. Woolcott, Bristol. marble-mason-Nov. 4, Denton, Carlisle, builder -Nov. 5, Parker, Brampton, Cumberland, butcher-Nov. 6, Lees. Manchester, manufacturer- Nov. 3. Freer, Liverpool, bookseller-Nov. 4. Parker. Manchester. cotton-spinner- Nov. 5, M 'Kay. Dublin. merchant-Nov. 5, Miller, Durdham Down, Bristol, nursery- man-Nov. 5, Hayward and Fletcher. Manchester, booksellers-Nov.3, Taylor, Liver- pool. bookseller-Nov. 3, Parry, Liverpool, bookseller-Nov. 11, Brown and Bradley, Gloucester, merchants.


To be granted, oaks* cause be shown to the contrary, on or before Nov. 2.

Phelps. Tewkesbury, scrivener-Stuchfield, Church Street, Paddington Green, horse- dealer-Peden, Berwick Street, coach-maker-Throeser, Bridgewater, saddler.


COLO:BOHN, Joao, Paisley, bleacher, Oet. 15. Nov. 5. Hroeterrorr, Jostle junior, Thornhill, Dumfriesshire, draper. Oct. 1.5, Nov. 5, Haus, hams. Newton of Bmx. Aberdeen, grain dealer, Oct. 18. Nov. 9. Knurasit, Tames, Teases, Fireshire. lime-burner, Oct. 18, Nov. 8. Saes, ADOLPHE La, Edinburgh, printseller, Oct. 18, Nov. 15.

Friday, Oct. 15.


C. and J. Groves, Highgate, grocers-Baumann and Braun, London Wall. cap- manufacturers-W. and J. Ridge, Exeter, tailors-J. and H. J. Lies, Chiswell Street, Finsbury, silversmiths-Barlow and Bacon, Manchester, pawnbrokers-Whitlaw and Hogg. Finsbury Place, surgeons-Dimoline and Maby. Bristol, musical-instrument- makers- Gurson and West, Newport, Essex, grocers-Casper and Lipman, Mauches. ter, tailors-M. and J. Kay, Pontefract, blacksmiths--Gladstone and Co. Liverpool, chain-cable-manufacturers -Rigby and Scott. Liverpool, corn-brokers-Candlish and Wilson, Bishop Wearmouth, drapers-Wylde and Pannell, Denmark Hill, milliners- G. and W. Gandy, Prince's Street, Spitelfields, silk-manufacturers-Hirstwood and Leyland, York, china-painters-Ehrensperger and Handler, Lawrence Pouutney Place, merchants-Schalla and Hein, Mark Lane, merchants-Turton sod Co. Shef- field, manufacturers of table-knives-G. and W. Galpin, Dorchester, butter-factors.


Attcrsoo, Tootles, and FRANKLAND, THOMAS, Liverpool, oil-merchants.


DREW, ROBERT, Camberwell, furniture-dealer, to surrender Oct. 26, Nov. 26: soli- citor. Mr, Billing. King Street, Cheapside; official assignee, Mr. Turquand, Copthall Buildings. IREDALE. WILLIAM, Smithriding, Yorkshire. woollen-cloth-manufacturer, Oct. 30, Nov.26 : solicitors, Messrs. Lake and Waldron. Basinghall Street; Messrs. Jaques and Co. Ely Place ; and Messrs. Bettye and Clay, Huddersfield. Nieto, JOHN and Co. Charlesworth, Nov.4, 26: solicitors, Mr. Perkins, Gray's Inn; and Mr. Parry, Manchester.

POUNTNEY, HUMPHREY junior, Birmingham. grocer. Oct. 26, Nov. 26: solicitors, Messrs. Sharpe and Co. Bedford Row ; and Messrs. Ryland, Birmingham.

SANDERS, Jogs. Plymouth, porter-merchant, Oct. 26, Nov. 26: solicitors, Messrs. Lane and Prideaux. Goldsmith Hall ; and Mr. Prideaux, Plymouth.

TAYLOR, WILLIAM HENRY, Norwich, apothecary, Oct. 19, Nov. 26: solicitors. Messrs. Clarke and Metcalf, Lincoln's Inn Fields; and Messrs. Beckwith and Co. Norwich. DIVIDENDS.

Nov. 8, Brooks, St. Alban's, grocer-Nov. 6, Bryant, Stamford Hill, coal-merchant .--Nov. 13, Harman. Charles Street, Middlesex Hospital, coach-maker-Nov. 12, Ashton, Pall Mall, tailor-Nov. 13, Atkinson. King William Street, City, tarpaulin- manufacturer-Nov. 13, Stow, Charles Place, York Road. draper-Nov. 5, Redhouse, Gloucester Place. Old Kent Road, tailor-Nov. 5, Bean. Long Acre, coachmaker - Nov. 5, Blair, Hook, Surrey, coal-dealer-Nov. 5. Gingen, West Smithfield, hay- salesman-Nov. 5, Smith. Bartlett's Passage, Fetter Lane, stationer-Nov. 5, Mould, Union Place, New Road, wine-merchant-Nov. 5, Carr and Co. Leeds, flax-spinners -Nov. 11, Watson, Bentley Grange. Yorkshire. tanner -Nov. 5, Mackenrial. Truro, brewer-Nov. 11, Dawson, Holmlirth. Yorkshire, grocer-Nov. 6, J. and S. Holt, Liverpool, glass-manufacturers-Nov. 8, Hayward and Fletcher. Manchester, book- sellers-Nov. 12, Marston. Manchester, yarn-merchant-Nov. 10, Brown and Co. Liverpool, slaters-Nov. 12, Dickson and Glover, Liverpool, seed-merchants-Nov. 6, Bell, Liverpool, liuendmper.


To be ranted, unless cause be shown to the contrary, on or before Nov. 5.

Wilson, Leeds, timber-merchant-Addison and Gibson, Manchester, ootton-spin- ners-Petley, Tewkesbury, draper-Gratrix, Preston, machine-maker-Thompson, Nafferton Mills, Yorkshire, corn-miller-Kollmann, St. Martin's Lane, pianoforte-

maker-Hood, Brownhills, Staffordshire. earthenware-manufacturer-Burton. New Corn Exchange. corn-factor-Williams, Bristol, ironmonger-Dash, New Windsor, innkeeper-Heywood, Exeter Street, Strand, wiue-merchant.


BOYACK, WILLIAM, and CAEMIcHAEL, CHARLES, Dundee, flax-spinners, Oct. 21, Nov. 11.

Coca. JAMES junior, Dundee, merchant, Oct. 21. Nov. 11.

GUTHRIE. JAMES CARGILL, Dundee, merchant, Oct. 19, Nov. 9.

Halo, JAMES, Stonehaveu, merchant, Oct. 21, Nov. 18.

KNOX. JAMES, Edinburgh, solicitor, Oct. 20, Nov. 17.

LOCRERBY. JOHN. near I.ockerby, stonemason, Oct. 22, Nov. 12.

TELFER, WILLIAM, Hawick, manufacturer, Oct. 22, Nov. 12.