16 OCTOBER 1847, Page 8

Madrid letters of the 9th instant report that General Serrano

had already felt the weight of Narvaez's power. He has been got rid of, and sent out of Madrid, as Captain-General of Grenada. It is said that he helped Nar- vaez to be made Prime Minister on the promise that he should be made. Governor-General of Cuba; and now he is put off with a provincial gover- norship, which will probably be only a prelude to his exile. No " successor " to Serrano has yet been appointed; but " there are four or five very likely candidates already in the field."

The Queen was at the Opera on the evening of the Sth, and appeared good spirits.

Narvaez seems to be making efforts to consolidate his power by curious. coalitions-

" There are few who now doubt," says a letter brought down to post-hour on the 9th, "that Salamanca was not a stranger to these events, and that he also profited by the change. He was yesterday closeted for a long time with Nar- vaez, who was seen coming out of his house in rather a mysterious manner.

"A modification of the Ministry is very generally spoken of, and credited Gonzalez Bravo will be the Minister of Foreign Affairs; Narvaez retaining the Presidency, and taking the War Department. Seiler Burgos, or Donoso Cortes, is spoken of for Public Instruction, and Mon for Finance. Ros de Olano and Cor- dova, as a reward for the services they have rendered their present patron, are to be raised to the rank of Lieutenant-General. Prim is spoken of as likely to be appointed Captain-Generr.1 of Porto Rico; and, more strange than all, I am as- eared on good authority that Espartero is named Ambassador to London. The friends of the Duke of Victoria with whom I have spoken do not think it likely that he will accept the post

" The motive for the last two appointments—if in reality they are made—can- not be mistaken. It is with the double object of keeping the enemy at a distance, and pretending to follow a mild system of policy."