16 OCTOBER 1847, Page 8

The Britannia mall - steamer arrived at Liverpool early this morning, witfi

advieea to the 1st instant. There is positively no additional news from Menke. General Scott's official dispatches of the two great battles fought. under the walls of the Mexican capital, had not been reeeived at Washing- ton. The New York Courier and Enquirer states the general' impression• to be, that the negotiations would result in peace. The chief obstacle now supposed to exist was the difficulty of assembling the Mexican Ccmgress; whose ratification would be necessary to a treaty of peace. Meanwhile the Government of the United States did not neglect preparations for continuing the war, if necessary. The commercial accounts are favourable, but without any material. change. On London the rate of exchange was 8 to 8i premium. The reports of the growing cotton-crop improve; fine bright weather having set in throughout the principal districts; also the hosts of worms and caterpillars had not, at least as yet, committed all the ravages that had been confidently expected of them. Some additional anxiety had been felt for the arrival of the Britannia, because it met with a slight accident on the outward voyage. The vessel grounded off Cape Race, Newfoundland, in a thick fog; but it was got off' again in about half an hour, without having sustained any serious damage, and proceeded on the voyage. The knowledge of this fact, of course, made the ship's retui n to England to be watched with interest, especially when the usual period far the voyagehad elapsed. It now appears, however, that the Britannia left Boston on the usual day, but was delayed at sea by the strong easterly winds. This punctuality corroborates the previous report, that the vessel had not really been injured.