16 SEPTEMBER 1871, Page 1

France and Italy have had a sharp misunderstanding on tho

question of a French convent at Rome over which France has a sort of protectorate, and into the affairs of which the Wien Government proposed to inquire. It seems that the protection which France interposed was resented by Italy, the more because it came through the ambassador to the Papal Court, the Duo d'Harcourt, who has no relations at all with the Italian Govern- ment, and no duties which can admit of his approaching them. The regular French Ambassador to the King of Italy, the Dec de Choiseul, was, however, not at Rome, and in his absence the remonstrance, which should have been made by his subordinate, was made by the ambassador to the Papal Court, the Due d'Ilar- cotht. But whatever the misunderstanding was, it appears to have been removed. The French Government is said to have declared that it has no intention whatever of interfering in any way to restore the Pope, though it had felt great anxiety for the guarantee of his absolute spiritual independence ; and on the other hand, the Italian Government seems to have conceded the French claim to protect the convent in question. Still Italy no doubt feels that she has more to fear for her new capital from France than from any other European power ; and hence her eagerness to secure a complete understanding with Germany while France is stilt paralyzed.