16 SEPTEMBER 1871, Page 1


THE Liberals have been beaten again at Truro, where a Con- servative, Colonel Hogg, the Chairman of the Metropolitan Board of Works, has gained for his party the second seat held till now by the Ministerialist Captain Vivian, who has just accepted a permanent appointment in the War Office. Truro is now, therefore, represented by two Tories. Mr. Augustus Smith, the potentate of the Scilly Isles, having ascertained towards the end of last week that if the Liberals went to the poll with two candidates, a Ministerialist and a Radical, they would have no chance of suc- cess, retired,and Mr. Jenkins,—author of " Giux's Baby,"— remained the only Liberal cantlidate. In the meantime, Colonel Hogg came forward to represent the Conservatives, and Mr. Jenkins did what he could to undo the effect of his violent and mischievdus attack on Mr. Gladstone,—the 'Ananias and Sapphira ' letter addressed to the Daily News,—and gain some of the mode- rate Liberals to his side, but almost without effect. As we have shown elsewhere, he got only 30 votes more than the Radical who competed for the seat with Captain Vivian in 1868, and Colonel Hogg, who himself polled but a very small Conservative poll, was returned by a :majority of 160 (605 against 436). Mr. Jenkins said, on the return of the poll being declared, first that Truro had disgraced itself, and next that the victory of principle had been on the Liberal side,—inconsistent oracles which will hardly wipe out the recollection of his famous libel on the Liberal leader who, whatever his failings, had done more for the popular Cause in three years of power than his predecessors did in twenty-three. Mr. Jenkins has good stuff in him. If he will learn modesty and loyalty, and respect for the Ninth Comtnand- meat in matters political, he will do. At present we cannot pretend to regret his defeat.