16 SEPTEMBER 1871, Page 1

The Imperial meeting at Gastein has been followed by a

second Imperial meeting at Salzburg, and though we have, of course, no trustworthy information of the drift of the understanding arrived at, except from rumour and from the significant fact that the German Government has told the Roumanians that Roumania has no existence as a separate European State, and must look to Turkey to represent her interests abroad, universal rumour seems concurrent on the point that Germany and Austria are disposed to unite, very cordially, to maintain the peace of Europe against either Russia, or France, or both,—that Turkey has an understanding with them which has led to the administering of the Roumanian snub, and that Italy, anxious about Rome, has given in her adhesion to this league of peace. Whether the league is not also intended to bring about mutual understanding and co-operation against the revolutionary party, wherever found, against the Communists of Germany, the possi- ble rebels among the chequered elements of the Austrian federa- tion, and the Mazzinians in Italy, there is no distinct information. It is, however, certain that the tendency of this league, as of all leagues which make rulers feel more independent of their sub- jects, will be to encourage repression.