16 SEPTEMBER 1876, Page 2

The Buckinghamshire election comes off next week, and no doitht

very much will depend on its issue. Mr. Fremantle is evidently hard-pressed to defend the action of the Government in relation to their Turkish policy, for he has taken refuge behind the pallium Of Cardinal Manning. Speaking yesterday week at'Slough to This political supporters, Mr. Fremantle quoted a letter of the Cardinal, in which his Eminence declares that no one can go beyond him in abhorrence of the Bulgarian atrocities, or in the desire to see Christian populations, not in Europe only, but also in Asia, liberated from Turkish rule ; but that he is against holding public meetings which propose no policy, and "he can see no policy in anyartevement which may convert the War in Servia into a Euro-

pean conflict." Plainly the Cardinal does see policy in not running counter to the political leanings of the Vatioan,—which favours the Turks because they allow great freedom to the Roman Catholics. Nevertheless, Mr. Fremantle will hardly find his appeal to Cardinal Manning, and so indirectly to the Vatican, avail him much with the electors of Bucks. We could almost 'wishMr. Carington had sunk his general politics, and fought the election solely on the one great issue in which the country is now absorbed.