16 SEPTEMBER 1876, Page 3

Mr. Charles Francis Adams has accepted the nomina- tion of

the Democrats of Massachusetts to be their caedidate for the Governorship of the State. Even with such a candidate, the Democrats of Massachusetts have probably no chance ; but the event is of. political importance, not so much because it secures the support of Mr. Adams and his followers for Mr. Tilden,—for he had declared for Mr. Tilden before,—but because it does credit to the Democrats, and shows that they are anxious to avail them- selves of the support given by such a statesman as Mr. Adams to any cause for which he declares. There will be less purist,— perhaps we should say pure,—shrinking from the Democrats, now that they have not only adopted Mr. Tilden as the reformer of the Union, but identified their cause with that of the ablest of living American statesmen, in Massachusetts. If they could but throw Mr. LIendriks overboard, they might succeed.