16 SEPTEMBER 1876, Page 3

Mr. Tweed, whose escape from custody in 14w York in

open daylight, and under strong suspicion of collusion on the part of hie gaolers, will be in the recollection of our readers, has at length been rearrested. He was recognised at Santiago di Cuba some time ago, it appears, and application was made by the American Government for his surrender. Before the application was com- plied with, however, he sailed for Spain in a vessel called the 'Carmen.' The fact was telegraphed to Madrid, and orders were issued to the authorities at the several ports of the kingdom to watch for and arrest the fugitive. For some time the search was in vain, but Tweed was at last identified by means of a caricature in a New York comic journal, and the satire being taken seri- ously, he was charged with kidnapping children. He is at pre- sent under quarantine in the Bay of Vigo, and as soon as possible will be given up to the United States' Government. We may be permitted to doubt, however, whether the Democratic rulers of New York feel altogether grateful for the sharpness displayed by the Spanish police.