16 SEPTEMBER 1876, Page 3

The American Republicans have been successful in two out of

the three State elections which have been held up to the present. in the latest of these, that in Maine, they have re-elected the present Governor ; they have secured all the five Congressional seats, and they have obtained a majority in the State Legislature, thus assuring the return of Mr. Blaine to the United States Senate. Their victory has, therefore, been complete, and it has been won by an-increased majority. Too much importance must not be attached to the latter fact, however, for the comparison is with 1874, and- there is always a heavier vote cast when a Presidential contest is to be decided. Still the victory itself, following that in Ver- mont, seems to indicate that the Democratic reaction has spent itself, at least in New England, and that in November the Republicans will go to the 'polls in full force.