16 SEPTEMBER 1876, Page 3

The British Association has decided to continue the Sub- Wealden

explorations. The funds collected are exhausted, and the work has been stopped. Mr. Willett, whose exertions so powerfully contributed to the undertaking, having convinced himself that no good object was to be attained by boring deeper, reported in that sense to the Association. Bat it has adopted, nevertheless, the recommendation that a further effort should be made to determine whether coal really does exist in Sussex. The members loudly applauded a proposal of the Committee of Recom- mendations that 1100 should be granted from the funds of the Association towards continuing the boring. It would be a pity to stop short now, after the boring has been carried down 1,900 .feet. But it may be doubted whether, even if coal is found, it can be obtained at a cost that will permit of working. The majority of the Association think it may be worked even at 41 depth of 3,000 feet. Yet it is startling to be told that it is cheaper to mine at such a depth than to carry coal 100 miles. If it be so, we have made little progress in locomotion, with all our boasting. Another point on which doubt is permissible is whether the best situation for boring has been selected. However, the _Association has decided to stick to the same site.