16 SEPTEMBER 1876, Page 3

The negotiations between Austria and Hungary, so often begun and

interrupted, are about to be recommenced once more. Monday next is spoken of as the probable date. In the present state of Eastern Europe, the necessity of a good understanding between the two portions of the dual monarchy is so evident, that one can only wonder at the blindness which keeps open dis- agreements. Especially is union indispensable for Hungary. It must be admitted, indeed, that M. Tisza and his colleagues have shown unexpected moderation in this matter. But their position is a difficult one, for their supporters have not their statesmanship ; and besides, they are buoyed up with the hope that, as Hungary has obtained so much, she has only to hold out in order to obtain more. The chief cause of difference between the two Governments now is understood to be the Bar* question. The Hungarians want a Bank of Issue at Pesth, whose motes shall be compulsory legal tender, either as an independent establishment, or a Hungarian-governed duplicate of the Bank of Vienna. The Bank of Vienna refuses to agree to the latter plan, and Austrian public opinion is immovably opposed to the former. The Hungarians should reflect that in insisting on too much they may jeopardise what they lave.