16 SEPTEMBER 1922, Page 2

The new Parliament of Southern Ireland met in Dublin last

Sunday. The opening ceremony was sinister and gloomy in tho extreme. Doors were barred and guarded and members were admitted only after careful scrutiny. With the exception of Mr. Ginnell no Republican member was present, and he was ejected early in the proceedings for refusing to sign the Roll. Mr. Cosgrave was appointed Chairman of the Provisional Govern- ment and President of the Da. Professor Michael Hayes was elected Speaker. The opening debate was very dull and subdued, as was natural in the circumstances, though it is something at least to be able to record an absence of violence. Mr. Cosgrave outlined a policy of abiding by the Treaty and making no com- promise with the rebels. Whether he has the capacity or the nerve to carry through this policy is another matter. The Government is distraught not only by the continuance of very formidable challenges by the Irregulars all over Southern Ireland, but by a serious Postal strike. On Wednesday the Government took a vote of confidence and had a majority of 54 against 15. Apparently the minority was composed of Labour members, who may or may not be in favour of the Treaty.