17 APRIL 1852, Page 1

-The ParisiaLLyeurgus has developed his system of education. The study

of history and philosophy are to be suppressed, as in- compatible with efficacious faith in the revelations of the Elysee ; and a special curriculum of study is prescribed for the bourgeoisie. Those who intend to pursue a trading or industrial career are to be restricted to such liranehes of instruction as may render them more efficient tools in their respective employments, but not troublesome critics of the. Government.

While thus narrowing the field of knowledge accessible to all classes of citizens, the President does not forget to avenge his pri- vate quarrels with those literary and scientific men who persist in maintaining their respectability by declining any alliance with him. Michelet and Quinet are the victims of the week ; both have been finally dismissed from their chhirs in the 'University.

- The President continues to court the swordsmen as obsequiously as he treats the bookmen cavalierly.. Great preparations are on foot for an interchange of hospitalities between M. Bonaparte and the army : he is to be the-host of the soldiers in the first instance, and is in return to be entertained at their expense. The first Na- poleon and his soldiers fought their way to glory; the second Napoleon and his janizaries eat their way.