17 APRIL 1852, Page 15

A remarkable discovery has lately been made in the parish

of Berra, near Horten, in Norway. In a shiphou (barrow in the shape of a ship) has been discovered the unconsumed part of a vessel, together with the skeletons of three horses, two dogs, a sword, dagger, battle-axe, the foot of a glass gob- let, a belt with curious ornaments of bronze, stirrups, the bit of a bridle with silver mountings, the remains of a saddle, (a saddle-bow of bronze,) and


other objects. This cairn has probably held the corpse of King Eystein, ox his son, King Halfdan, who, according to Snorro, lie buried here.

The Avenir of Nice, of the 4th instant, states that Dr. Lefevre, a French physician now at Nice, has discovered an immense stratum of fossil animals in the grotto of the Lazzaretto, as it is called, situated within the grotto of Montboron.