17 APRIL 1852, Page 8


On the 8th April, at Bedgebury Park, Lady Mildred Hope, prematurely of daughter, still-born.

On the 8th, in Etarrington Square, the Wife of the Rev. Henry Gehle, D.D., of a sort. On the 10th, at Reading. the Wife of the Rev. Francis Trench, of a daughter. On the 10th, at Egham Park, the Wife of Colonel Salwey, M.P., of a son.

On the 11th, at Broughton, Manchester, the Wife of William Kaye, Esq., of three- daughters.

On the 12th, in Green Street, Grosvenor Square, the Lady Macdonald. of a daughter. On the 12th, in Prince's Street, Edinburgh, the Lady Anne Home Drummond, of a son.

On the 14th, in Hyde Park Square, the Wife of William Longman, Esq. of a son. On the 14th, at Tiptree Hall, near Kelvedon, the Wife of Mr. I. J. Ilechi, of a daughter.


On the 13th April, at St. Margaret's Church, Westminster, Commander T. G. Drake, R.N., son of the late Colonel Thomas Drake, to Ellen Mary Catherine, fourth daughter of the Right Hon..7. W. Henley, M.P.

On the lath, at Sandhurst, Berke, William Morris, Captain in H.M. Seventeenth Lancers and of Fishleigh House, Devon, to Amelia Mary, fourth daughter of Major- GeneraeTaylor, C.B., Lieutenant-Governor of the Royal Military College, and of Ogwell House, Devon.

On the lath, at Ditcheat, the Rev. John Burrow, son of the Archdeacon of Gib- raltar, and Chaplain, Gibraltar, to Marianne, fourth daughter of the Rev. W. Leiri Rector of Ditcheat.

On the 14th, at St. George's, Hanover Square. Edmund Calverley, Esq., only son of John Calverley. Esq., of Oulton House, Yorkshire, to Isabella Mary, eldest daughter of John Thomas Selwin, Esq., of Down Hall, Essex. On the 14th, at West Haddon, Noithamptonshire, the Rev. W. T. Pearce Meade King, M.A. Rector of Norton, Leicester, youngest son of Richard Meade King. Esq., of Pyrland Hall, Somerset, to Ellen Catherine, the second daughter of Isaac Lovell, Esq., of West Haddon Cottage, Northampton.

On the 14th. at Kimmeridge, Charles Richard Hoare, Esq., son of Archdeacon Hove, to Emma Georgina, only daughter of Captain Mans to C.B., of Smedmore, Dorset.


In January last, Alfred Dolman, Esq., third son of the late Edward Dolman, Esq., Clapham Common, on his return from the Great Lake, interior of South Africa, sup- posed to have been treacherously murdered by the natives, or by one of his Black servants. His remains were found after some days' search, with those of his English servant, and buried at the station of the Rev. Dr. Livingstone, Kolobeng. On the 19th March, at Nice, Compton Charles Domvile, Esq., eldest son of Sir Compton Domvile, Bart., of Santry House, near Dublin ; in his 40th year.

On the 3d April, at North Bank, Regent's Park, Frances Bennet, Widow of the Right Rev. Dr. William Bennet, late Lord Bishop of Cloyne; in her 80th year. On the 3d, at Colin. N.B., Elizabeth, Widow of the late James Douglas, Esq., of Orehardton ; in her 100th year. On the 6th, at Dunsany Castle, Lord Dunsany; in his 48th year. On the 6th, at Harwood House, Cheltenham, Lieutenant-Colonel Watson, .C.B.; in his 67th year. On the 7th, in Upper Gower Street, John Crichton, Esq.; in his 91st year. On the 7th, Robert Spittal, M.D., second eon of the late Sir James Spittal, of Edinburgh. On the 8th, at Althorp, the Lady Georgians Frances Spencer, eldest daughter of Earl Spencer. On the 9th, at Barrington Park, Burford, the Right Hon. Lord Dynevor; in his 86th year. On the 9th, at Pitcairn Green, Perthshire, Mr. John M'Naughton; in his 101st Pan On the 10th, at Thorpe Rectory, the Rev. Benjamin George Blackden, Rector of Thorpe, Derbyshire. On the 12th, at Upton Park, Slough, Mabel Diana, eldest daughter of Sir Joseph Hawley, Bart., of Leybourne Grange, Kent. On the 19th, at Brechin Castle, the Right Honourable Lord Panmnre; in his 81st year. On the 13th, in Wilton Crescent, the Honourable Ann Dundas.

On the 13th, at Elm Lodge, Kilburn, Frank Forster, Esq., C.E. ; in his 52d year. Recently, at Rome, Walter Samuel Crawford, eldest son of John Crawford, Esq., of Black Brook. Monmouthshire; in his 20th year.