17 APRIL 1852, Page 9



An example of "confidence in her Majesty's Ministers" demonstration was set to the agricultural counties yesterday, in the Chancellor of the Exchequer's own Bucks. About two hundred " highly influential gentry, clergy, and agriculturists," including some of the Lowndeses and Stones of the county, and assisted by Mr. James Disraeli, met at the George Hotel, Aylesbury; and passed resolutions of desire "that the present Go- vernment should, in devising a remedy for the still existing agricultural distress, be unfettered" ; the resolvers "feeling confidence that the agri- cultural interest will receive from them its due consideration, and that justice will be done by them to all classes of her Majesty's subjects."

The tercentenary commemoration of the founding of King Edward's School at Birmingham was observed yesterday with circumstances of high celebrationthe Bishops of Worcester and Manchester, Lord Calthorpe, and someliembers of the House of Commons, sharing in the proceed- ings. The whole debt owing by the institution three years ago-98,0001. —has been paid off; the yearly revenue is 10,000/. ; and the scholars are 1460,—a noble position, that might be paralleled by other schools in the ',country now abased through neglect or malversation.