17 APRIL 1852, Page 9

Some of the inhabitants of Marylebone met yesterday, and passed

re-' solutions in furtherance of the project for retaining the Crystal Palace on its present site."

At a public meeting of the friends of the Society for the Propagation of the Gospel, held yesterday in the National School-house of St. Martin- in-the-Fields, the Bishop of Cape Town spoke on the wants and work- ings of the diocese of which he has the episcopal supervision ; and Mr. Gladstone M.P. was among the succeeding speakers. Mr. Gladstone said— Not only was emigration on the increase but many of the best members of society were becoming members of our Colonial communities. The COO- sequence of this was, that they were forming a multitude of states in various portions of the globe, every one of which would probably grow up in time to a great empire. It might be true that there was less romance in sending the Gospel to the Colonies than to heathen lands. He did not desire to speak to We disparagement of those who had given an undue prominence to 'ma- idens to the heathen': The best plan to operate upon the heathen woe through our own countrymen in the Colonies; and if they were well taught the rest would follow. What they wanted was, to carry. to the heathen not abstract doctrine, but sound practice and a new social existence.