17 DECEMBER 1870, Page 18

Notes about Aldeburgh. By J. F. Hale. (J. R. Smith.)—"Aldeburgh,"

which mortals call Aldborongh, is not a place to which one's thoughts turn with much longing just now ; but it is not an undesirable place never- theless, with its open sea and its wide stretches of moorland ; a good refuge, in short, for those who want a bracing air, and find Lowestoft and Yarmouth dreary, Cromer inaccessible, and the Yorkshire watering- places fatal to the purse. Let any one, then, who shall try Aldborongh next summer take Mr. Hele's .book with him, more especially if ha dabble at all in ornithology, in which Mr. Hele is very strong. This present writer cares nothing about birds, but he does care about the poet Crabbe, the one distinguished name connected with the town, and was disappointed to hear nothing shoat him.