17 DECEMBER 1870, Page 3

The Right Hon. S. Cave made two speeches on Wednesday

at an agricultural show at Horsham, noteworthy because they em- body so clearly some popular fallacies. He was entirely opposed, he said, to the Prussian system of raising an army, because of its wastefulness. It had been ascertained that 7,000 children belonged to one regiment of 2,000 men, and those children were thrown on the country. What has that to do with the Prussian system, any more than any other system which admits of large reserves? 'The Prussian soldiers are under 25, and rarely or never marry till their period of active service has expired. He also said the Emperor had been treated badly, he having " received in Paris that adulation which probably drove him to the coarse he ulti- mately pursued." Mr. Cave makes a speech on French politics, yet he apparently does not know that throughout the Empire Paris steadily voted the Empire down, that Napoleon kept the city down by a garrison of 60,000 men, and that he ultimately made war because the hostility of Paris to him and his dynasty seemed irreconcilable. Adulation, forsooth ! when the first business of the Prefect of Police was to suppress the savage satires with which Paris would otherwise have brought his master into contempt. Is Mr. Cave always grateful to an employe whom he has paid for twenty years to look after his interests, and who has neglected them grossly ? Does he think dismissal in such -a case a crime?