17 DECEMBER 1910, Page 26

Teddy and Trots in Wonderland, by Agnes Grozier Herbertson (Ward,

Lock, and Co., 3s. 6c1.), is a republication from the "Wonder Book." Such titles of the chapters as "The Blue China Country" and "The Land of the Brown Mugs" will show the genus to which it belongs. It is clever enough, and the illustrations are in keeping.-The Three Mulla-Mulgars, by Walter De La Mare (Duckworth and Co., 5s. net), has a certain resemblance to the preceding, but the fancy is of a wilder flight. The Mulgar fairyland, with its water-maidens and invisible horses and other marvels, is a very far-away place indeed. Possibly the Mulgars have something to do with monkeys. Here our readers may find out all about them, and yet know less when they leave off than when they began.