17 FEBRUARY 1866, Page 1

Mr. Hunt, when objecting on Tuesday to the Cattle Plague

Bill, alluded openly to the rumour that Sir George Grey intends shortly to seek repose and rest from the cares of office." It is believed indeed in some quarters that he only remains to defend Govern- ment on the question of the cattle plague, and that when he retires he will be succeeded by .Mr. Austin Bruce, the Vice- President of the Education Conanittee, an able man, less known to the country than he deserves to be. Sir George Grey, outside the House regarded as utterly weak, from his want of initiating power, is popular within it, and his retirement will, it is said, greatly encourage the Tories, who, however, are not best pleased with the prospect of fighting a Ministerial bench full of young men anxious to win their spurs, and to be done with the regime of inaction.