17 FEBRUARY 1866, Page 16

is it less dishonest that it should be conscientiously unavailable

to the taxpaying clergyman?

Let me speak for myself. Setting little by mere book-rote, I try to teach my children worship by bringing them to join with me in acts of worship. For our iz Amis apv4a600a every morning I pray with them from the Church's Prayer Book, I rehearse with them the Church's Creed, I sing a hymn with them for the Church's season, I say a word to them as the Church's minister.

But if a section of them were outside the door as Dissenters, my work would be half ruined for those who are within. By that con- spicuous absence I should feel my own position destroyed. I must rehabilitate myself by distinct.declarations of the evil case of those outsiders, and the un-Christianity of their separation. Or rather, I must be deprived of tax-aid altogether,—dishonestly, as it seems to me, Sir, according to your argument.* These feelings are compatible with belief that the Bishop of Natal is a very considerable benefactor to the Church.