17 FEBRUARY 1866, Page 2

The cattle-plague returns are becoming useless, some 251 inspectors having

again failed to send in their reports. According to the figures there has been no increase since the last accurate return, but we are not told if the 251 defaulters have been accounted for. The discussion of remedies still goes on. Vacci- nation is apparently abandoned, though 27,000 cows have been vaccinated in Cheshire, but the Times gives large type to the ex- periments of a Mr. Maurice Worms, of Egham, who has cured several cows at Wrentmore, the seat of Sir A. Rothschild, with a nice compound of small.red pickling onions, ginger, and asafoetida.

Asafoetida is a nervous stimulant, and onion juice is the well known Indian remedy for a stroke of the sun, but which of the two does the good? Mr. Worms apparently does not know. It is said also that salt does good, but there seems to be some doubt about the experiments. Salt was tried during the outburst of the disease in the last century without success.