17 FEBRUARY 1866, Page 2

The Jamaica correspondent of the Morning Star se - rit home

a letter, published on Tuesday, which contains a very remarkable version both of the outbreak itself, and of the doings of Provost- Marshal Ramsay at Morant Bay after it. Of course it is merely the ex parte negro account of the affair, which no one would accept as at all more likely to be true than the ex parte military account of the affair. Still the military authorities admitted so many horrors in their own account of the matter, that if the truth lies between the two it is black beyond description. The Star cor- respondent says that a letter from Paul Bogle (the leader of the riot) and his friends to the Governor was sent by an express on horseback two days before the last outbreak, expressing their want of confidence in the justice of the- magistrates, and asking him to send down some one to investigate their quarrel, and that the answer of the Governor to this letter was found in the post office, and used by the Provost-Marshal Ramsay as evidence to hang all the men to whom it was addressed. H this is true, it is strong evidence that no insurrection was con- templated two days before, since the _peasantry then begged and hoped for redress from the Governor. Mr. Hire, says the Star cor- respondent, the only white man killed after the riot,, was killed not by the negroes, but by the African immigrants on his own estate, among whom he was unpopular. The negro accounts of Provost- Marshal Rauasay's cruelties are sickening,—almost intolerable to read. We trust they are grossly exaggerated. If one-tenth part of the stories told are true, Charlotte Winsor would not merit hanging so well.