17 FEBRUARY 1866, Page 22

Dilistoire des Nouveau Cisar. Par P. Vdsinier, continuateur des Mysteres

du Peuple. (P. Vdsinior, Libraire-Editeur.) Louis Napoleon,.

the Destined Monarch of the World, and War of Armageddon, about or soon after 1873. By Rev. M. Baxter. (Macintosh, Morgan, and Chase.) —We sincerely trust that the second of these two volumes will not meet the eye

of the author of the first. Fancy the feelings of M. Vdsinier, continuer of Sue's Mysteries of the People, chased from his last refuge on the Continent by the minions of tyranny, but launching his literary thunderbolt at the• tyrant as soon as ho reaches "the free English soil,"—fancy his feelings at being told that in three years and a half, or thereabouts, not only will he be compelled to serve Napoleon HI., but actually to bear his mark on his forehead, at which time that monarch will hive assumed divine honours, and issued a coin with the inscription, "Louis Napoleon, Caeca, Dirus Universi Orbis, Rex x Ilegum Romani Imperil," the initials of which (with the ingenious substitution of x for decem) make up the famous number of the beast, 666! Certainly he may escape all this, but then he must make up his mind to believe in Mr. Baxter and the thirty other gentlemen who have written on prophecy in accordance with Mr. Baxter's views, and what French Republican could adopt a creed which would. include Sabbath observance and the hearing of sermons ? Rather would he accept, we believe, the horrors upon horrors piled, which, according to- the prophetical school, await this fair world between the present year of grace and 1873.