17 FEBRUARY 1866, Page 22

The Frogs' Parish Clerk. A Tale for YoungPolk. By Thomas

Archer- Illastrated with eighteen engravings. (Sampson Low, Son, and Mara- ton.)—This is a book of clever nonsense very amusingly illustrated, the engravings all admirably designed and executed; wo are not sure that children will appreciate the letter-press, the humour of which is rather beyond their intelligence, but we have no doubt that they will have a hearty laugh over the pictures, and that their elders will join them. There is great fun in some of these ; we would particularly draw attention to the " Frog,' Parish Clerk of Rana, Teaching the• Little Batrachians the Whole Art of Music," and "Rana Bids the Court Farewell, but Promises to Return," among the large illustrations, and to-

n small cut in which the anxiety of the parent lizard is depicted when his daughter Sauriana is being rescued by her lover, the parish clerk.. The whole appearaiee of the book, with its brown and gold binding-, and toned paper, is very attractive.