17 FEBRUARY 1866, Page 22

The Newspaper Press Directory. (Mitchell and Co.)--This useful guide for

advertisers in particular, and all political mon in general, has again come out, carefully corrected for the year 1866. It contains a complete list of all the London and provincial papers, including those published in. Scotland, Ireland, and the Channel Islands. All the weekly, monthly, and quarterly periodicals are included, and to each title a short explanation is added, stating curtly the political, literary, or religious tendencies advocated in the paper. We learn that 1,257 journals are now published in the United Kingdom, 78 of which are daily papers. The magazines amount to 557, of which 214 are specially devoted to religious controversy. Ten years ago, in 1856, the journals amounted to 734, the daily papers to 35. The number is doubled—a decided mark of a great progress, we might almost say of a revolu- tion.