17 FEBRUARY 1923, Page 22

THE TOAIBS OF THE KINGS : A Handbook to the

Objects Directly Relating to Akhenaten and Tutankhamen in the British Museum. (Rickinson and Son. is. net ; post free is. Ad.)

This handbook to the objects relating to Akhenaten and Tutankhamen which are preserved in the British Museum will at the moment be read with very special interest. The story of the Tombs now being opened at Luxor is so romantic and so like a fairy tale that it is very difficult to bring oneself to believe that it was all " straight ' history like the history of Pericles and Alcibiades, or Marius and Julius Caesar. The fact, however, that one can go to our Galleries in Blooms- bury and there see the portrait of the " Heretic King," and his predecessors and successors, makes the whole thing real as well as vivid. The examples of Egyptian art are well.

reproduced, and the letterpress is simple without being silly. The guide-book closes with some information about the British Museum postcards, which will be very useful to visitors and also to people living in the country. For one shilling they can get a packet of fifteen postcards giving portrait statues of Kings and Queens of Egypt from 2600 B.c. to 50 "Lc., and a packet at the same price of Egyptian sculptures from 4000 B.c.