17 JANUARY 1842, Page 19


Tuesday, Jan. 11.


A. and M. Tolson, Earl's Heaton. Yorkshire, blauket-manufacturers-Funiss and Paulson, Mansfield, surgeons-Hoole and Whitworth, Manchester, fustian manufac- turers-Barrett and Femer, Great Yarmouth. surgeons-Wollastoo and Harris, Shrews- bury, mercers-Rowntree and Forster, Stockton. cabinet-makers-Smith and Wilson, Bradford, Yorkshire, stuff-merchants-Bray and Duckit, Bradford. Yorkshire, iailway- coutractors-Corney and Barrow, Old Broad Street, wine.merchauts - Saintly and Peck, Milton, Kent, schoolmasters-Norris and Pedley. Hemel Hempstead, coal; merchants -J. and J. Griffiths, Tothill Street, litteodrapers-E. and E. Armstrong, Manchester, wine-merchants-Pink and Erlam, Upper Seymour Street, Marylebona, architects-Edge and Gill. Ewer Street, Southwark, chemical.light-mantifacturers- Bradbury and Fieldhouse, Newport, Shropshire, auctioneers-Turner and Co. Barbican, gold-refiners ; as far as regards J. H. Turner-Walton and Coles, Basinghatt attornies-Walker and Severs, Ripon, lace-merchants- Sothern and Co. Runcorn," Cheshire ; as far as regards J. &them and T. Huslehuret-E., 3., and 0. Ozreerod, Manchester, carriers; as far as regards J. Ormerod. INSOLVENTS. COLES, JAMES, Victoria, Monmouthshire, surgeon, Jan. 10. IIESLOP. THOMAS, Ripley, schoolmaster, JAIL 11. Nur/Laren, Jeers, Ealing, victualler, Jan. 10. Hut-ream, THOMAS, Sevenoaks, lineudraper, to surrender Jan. 20. Feb.22 : solicitors, Messrs. Sale and Co. Aldermanbury: official assignee, Mr. Turquand, Copthall Buildings. EM3SON, Ante FRANCIS, Brabant Court, Philpot Lane, merchant, Jan. 21, Feb. 22: solicitors, Messrs. Hine and Robinson, Charterhouse Square ; official assignee, Mr. Groom. Abcburch Laue. DAVIEs, Davin junior, Glanchywedog Llanidloes. Montgomeryshire, tlannel-mann- facturerS Jan. 24, Feb. 22: solicitors, Mr. Biggs, Southampton Buildings; and Mr. Haward, Llanieloce.

Goonwor, Jaw es, Bishop Stortford. innkeeper. Jan. 21, Feb. 22: solicitors, Messrs. Fry and Co. Cheapside; official assignee. Mr. Alsager, Birchiu Lane. Houstern, Georme, Todmorden, corn-dealer. Feb. 3, 22: solicitors, Mr. Hall, Moor- gate Street; and Mr. Leadbeatter, Mirlield, Dewsbury.

Krrceerma, THOMAS, Arundel Street, Coventry Street. engraver, Jan. 18. Feb. 22: solicitor. Mr. Pike, Old Burlington Street; official assignee, Mr. Belcher, King's Arms Yard.

Morons SAMUEL, King William Street, London Bridge. draper. Jan. 20, Feb. 22 so- licitor, Mr. Billing. King Street, Cheapside; official assignee, Green, Aldermaubury. NICHOLLS, WILLIAM, Edgeware Road livery-stable keeper. Jan. 20, Feb. 22: soli- citors, Messrs. Gadsden and Flower, Furnisal's luu; official assignee, Mr. Graham, Basioghall Street.

Roamers, Wmtmim, Rawmarsh. Yorkshire, grocer. Jan. 26, Feb. 22: solicitors, Messrs. Wiglesworth and Co. Gray's Ion Square; stud Mr. Nicholson. Watt, Yorkeldie.

SMITH. DYER Beeay. and JOsEpsi WHEELER, Alton, Suittordshire, paper-manufac- turers, Jan. 21, Feb. 22: solicitors, Mr. Chaplin, Gray's Inn Square; and Mr. Har- rison, Birmingham. STLIMENS, JoHx, MellhelliOS, Cornwall, irmitounder, Jan.20, Feb. 22: solicitors, Mr. Suns Lombard Street; and Messrs. Lockyer and Butseel, Plymouth. Srevernow, DAVID senior, Compton Street. Brunswick Square, patent safety paper- manufacturer, Jan. 20, Feb. 22: solicitors, Messrs. Burrell and Paterson, White Hurt Court. Lombard Street; official assignee, Mr. Gibson. Basioghall Street. ETRACHAN, Awreua, Friday Street, warehouseman, Jan. 19, Feb. 22: solicitors, Messrs. Gole. Lime Street; official assignee, Mr. Johnson, Basiughall Street. Trurea. RICHARD, Northampton. shoe-manufacturer. Jan. 18, Feb. 22: solicitors, Mr. Hangman, Northampton; and Messrs. Turner and Housman, Basing Lane.


Feb. 3, Whitmore, E. Lombard Street, banker-Feb. 3, Wells. Lombard Street. banker-Feb. 3. Whitmore, F. Lombard Street, banker -Jau. 27, Hopkins. Croydon, grocer-Feb. 1, Bennett senior, Whitechapel Road. omnibus-proprietor-Feb. 21, Col- vin and Co. Calcutta, merchants--Feb. 1, J. and J. Morrison, York Street, Middlesex Hospital. tailors - Feb. 1, Cass, Ware, grocer - Feb. I, Smith, Bucklersbury, me/. chant-Feb. 2, Wallace, Cooper's Row. Crutchedfriars, ship-owner-Feb. 4, Calverley, Rneresborough. miller - Feb. 16. Banks, Birmingham, button-maker-Feb. 4, Mann, Norwich, soolstapler-Feb. 3, Alcock, Sheffield. case-manufacturer - Feb. 2, Ford, Manchester. lineudraper - Feb. 1. Gilles, Hartlepool, ship-owner-Feb. 4. Rider, Leeds. cloth-merchant - Feb. 2, Clayette, Manchester, commissioa-agent- Feh. 1, Baker. Sidmouth, brewer-Feb. 4, Lee, Mireeld. Yorkshire, bout-bidder-Feb. 7, Baden, Chester, druggist-Feb. 2, Downman, Kidwelly, Carmartbeashire, tin-plate- manufacturer-Feb. 8, Handley, Rochdale. tailor-Feb. 2, Williams, Liverpool,

merchant. cm:Tines-nes

robe gmided, eakst cause be shown to the contrary, on or before Feb. 1.

Gower, Cardiff, grocer-Wells. St. Martin's-le-Grand. woolleadraper -Tesoce. South Lynn, builder-Castle junior, Rotherhithe, ship builder-Spencer, Lamb's Conduit Street. chemist-Coles, Olney, tea dealer- Littleton'. High Street, Maeyleboae. coach- maker - Brooks, Manchester, grocer-Williamson, Nicholas Laze, merchant-Dickens, Hertford, surgeon-Toney. Birmingham, draper.

Sear= SEQUEssitATIONs.

Bs:narrow. Jome. Kirkahly. innkeeper. Jan. 15. Feb. 5,

DEANS, Joew and Thomas, Peucockbank, carpet-manufacturers, Jan. 19, Feb. 11. DOUGLAS, WILLIAM, Glasgow, dyer, Jan. 18, Feb. 11. MILLAR, DAVID, Glasgow, builder, Jan. 15, Feb. 5.

Mtinntste, Amer, Glasgow, cloth.merchant. Jan. 14, Feb.4.

STEEL, ADAM, Stirling, merchant, Jan. 15, Feb. 5.

Friday, Jan. 14.


Williams and Ellis, Pwllhell, Camarvonshire, attomies-Wilkes and Icke, Shrews- bury, grocers-Lyons and Minekin, White's Row, Spitalitelds, tailors-Walsh and Chambers, Halifax, timbenmerchants-Hunt and Co. Liverpool. merchants; as far se rgards W. Hunt-Crocker and Co. Watling Street. Scotch warehousemen-- Knight and Co. Manchester, manufacturers; as far as regards Napier-Hector and Lacy, Petersfield, baukers-Rodd and Squiers, Warwick, wool-mat-manufacturers-Thomp• sou and Mackenzie-J. and T. Lloyd, Manchester, general-merchants-Webb and Alston. Rotherhithe, shipwrights-J. and W. Edmonds. Rye, millers-S. and W. Williams, Hay. Breconshme. tanners-Gilbert and Bisgood, Craven Street. Strand. attornies -Caste and Co. Love Lane, Aldermanbury, wholesale-warehousemen; as far as regards Hyatt-C. W. and J. Lowell'', Brigstoek. Northamptonshire, millers- Mills and Owen junior, Rye, ironmongers-Roustsn and Co. Leeds, carriers; as far as regards Hartley-Gillanders and Co. Liverpool; as far as regards Gillanders - ders and Co. Liverpool ; as far as regards F. M. Gillanders-C .1). and J. C. Sommers, Manchester. general commission.agents-lAint and Best. Birmingham, brass-founders- E. and R. King, Amersham, Bucks. booksellers-German and Co. Preston, flax- spinners; as far as regards Kay junior.

I .90LvENT3.

Crasser. Jones, Blackfrlars Road, jeweller, Jan. 13.

SMITH, GRANT James, Bath, common-brewer, Jan. 12.


APSES. HENRY WILLIAM. Rotherhithe, ship breaker, to surrender Jan. 21, Feb. 23: solicitor. Mr. Odin, Ely Place; official assignee, Mr. Alsager, Birchio Lane. CARPENTER. WILLIAM, ChippeirillaM, innkeeper, Feb. 9. 25: solicitors, Messrs. Pinniger and Westruacott, Gray's inn; sod Mr. Pinniger, Chippeuliam. CT.00014, SAMUEL and %I'LL:AM rs'nomesow. St. Helen s, alkali manufacturers, Jan. 25, Feb 25: solicitors, Messrs. Adlington and Co. Bedford Row ; and Mr. Johnson, St. Helen's.

DEN/SINS. Jonar senior, and DENNIS% Ions; jonior, Too'ey Street, linendrapers, Jan. 28, Fe,. 25: solicitors, Messrs. Sole, Lothbury; official assignee, Mr. Lackingtun, Coleman Street Buildings.

ELLtsow, Joins, Leeds, nail manuracturer, Feb. 4, 25: solicitors, Messrs. Rush- worth, Staple Inn; and Mr. Battle. Selby.

EVANS, ANDREW and EDWARD, Birmingham, painters, Jan. 24. Feb. 25: solicitors, Messrs. Parker and Webster, New Boswell Court; and Mr. HarrLssoa, Birmingham. LANK. Joseph senior, Stockport. cotton-manufacturer, Jan. 25, Feb. 25: solicitors, Messrs. Coppock cold Woollam, Stockport; and Mr. Coppock, Cleveland Row. Novas. GEORGE, Red Lion &Isere, importer of foreign goods, Jan. 21. Feb. 25: so- licitor, Mr. Spyer, Bread Street liaildings; official assignee, Mr. Green, Aldermanbury. POCKY, WILLIAM, Ashtomunder-Lyrae, grocer, Jan. 27. Feb. 25: solicitors. Messrs. Clarke and Medcalf, Lincoln's Inn Fields; and Mr. Higginbottom. Ashton- under-Lyae. SPOOR. A.IOR senior, and SPOOR, Amos junier, Newcastle-upon-Tyne, builders. Feb. 14. 25: at:tic:tom Messrs. Shield and Harwood. Queen Street, Cheapside; and Mr. Hoyle, Newcastle-upon: rpm. EUTCLIFIK, JOHN, Halifax, grocer, Feb. 3, 25: solicitors. Messrs. Wiglesu-orth and Co. Gray's Inn Square; and Messrs. Craven and Rankin. Halifax. TuoweLL, 11117.11KIREY. Fawley, Hampshire, farmer. Jau. 24, Feb 25: solicitors, Mr. Wafter. Southampton Street, Bloomsbury Square; and Mess's. Deacon and Long, Southampton. WARD, BrarrAnnts, New Cut, boot-manufacturer, Jan. 21, Feb. 25 : solicitor, Mr. M'Duff. Castle Street, Holborn ; official assignee. Mr. Alsager, Birchiu Lane. WILCOCK, ROD we. Allethwaite, Lancashire, ban er. Jan. 27, Feb. 25: solicitors, Messrs. Johnson and Co. Temple; and Mr. Hitchcock, Manchester.


Feb. 4. Driver. London, shipowner-Feb. 4, Ellie, Milton, Kent, grocer-Feb. 4, Bishop and Hildyard, Southampton, drapers-Feb. 7, Carter, James Street, Covent Garden, factor - Feb. 5, Broome, Oxford. Street. linendmper-Feb. 5, Ogbourne, Hooey Lane, commission-agent-Feb. 12. Hitchcock. Regent Street. linendraper - Feb. 5, Hoppe. Blackfriars Road, chinaman-Jan. 28, Weston. Gracechurch Street, merchant-Feb 5. Mott. Loughborough. wine-merchant-March 3, Davies and Dick- erson, Plymouth, merchants-Feb 26, Bediugfield, Stowmarket, surgeon-Feb 8, Cheetham senior, Stockport, surgeon-Feb. 11. Brooks, Bristol, British sugar manu- facturer-Feb. 11. Smith and Edgeley, Manchester, warehousemen-Feb. 14, Smith, Manchester. warehousemen-Feb. 4, Brocklehurst and Co. Liverpool. millwrights- Feb 5 Tollitt, Liverpool, bookseller-Feb. 5. Hodgson and Wright, Glossop, cotton- spinners. CERSISICAl ES To be granted, inlets maw be shown to the contrary, on or before Feb. 4. Racket, Bell Yard, Carey Street, locksmith-Stevenson, Sheffield, upholsterer-

Smith, Deptford Bridge. Kent. batter-Mitchell, Lime Street. merchant-J. stud T. H. Saunders. Basinghall Street, woollen-manufacturers - Gerry, Manchester, brass-founder-Schofield. Oldham, grocer-Harris. Bushey. Hertfordshire, flax-spinner -1., C., and A. Smith. Heywood, Lancashire, cotton-spivaers-Morris. Gloucester, coachmaker-Beunet and Fish, Fleetwood. Lancashire, joiners-Harris, High Holborn, woollendraper-Mills and Seed, Ashton-under-Lyne. cottonemanufacmrers-Pdling, Droyleden, Lancashire, cotton-manufacturer-Jones, Tregaron, Cardiganshire, butter- dealer.


Assucxst, WILLIAM. Ayr, flesher. Jan. 17. Feb. 14. CAMPBELL, ROBERT, Dunfermline. ironfounder, Jan. 21, Feb. 11. LINDsAY, JAMES, Glasgow, victtialler, Jan. 19, Feb. 10. SMITH, Deem junior, Airdrie, ironmonger, Jan. 20, Feb. 12.