17 JANUARY 1842, Page 2

Vat e011tt.

Tim Queen and Prince Albert left Windsor Castle on Tuesday, for Claremont, escorted by a party of Horse Guards, and followed by the suite. The Royal pair continued the accustomed walks in Claremont Park ; which the Prince has also made the scene of his sporting amuse- ments. The Queen and Prince Albert are expected to return to Wind- sor today.

The Prince of Wales and the Princess Royal remained at the Castle. The Dutchess of Kent arrived at Clarence House on Tuesday, from Windsor.

The Queen Dowager is so much better that she intends to return to London very soon, probably on the 21st. The Duke of Cambridge went from Kew on Monday morning, to Petworth House, on a visit to Colonel Wyndham ; whence he returned yesterday. The Dutchess of Cambridge and the Princess Augusta rode over from Kew on Monday, to visit the Dutchess of Gloucester ; returning to Kew next day. Prince Ernest of Hesse Philippsthal took his departure from Marl- borough House on Saturday afternoon, for the Continent.

It is understood that the christening of the Prince of Wales is fixed to take place on the 25th instant, in St. George's Chapel at Windsor. Invitations to the distinguished persons who are to be (present were issued by the Lord. Chamberlain on Tuesday. It is said that the number of these actually present in the Chapel will be eighty-five. Of the Diplomatic persons, only Prince Esterhazy, Count St. Aulaire, and the Ministers of Prussia, Belgium, and Saxony, will attend.

The Queen and her Royal guests, the King of Prussia and the King of Belgium, will visit Drury Lane and Covent Garden Theatres, in state, in about a fortnight.

The distressed stocking-makers of Derby and Nottingham applied to Prince Albert to countenance the wearing of silk stockings in ordinary dress. The Prince's Secretary replied-

" Since the accession of her present Majesty, long silk stockings have been invariably worn at Court ; so that no new order on that score can tend to give a lift to the trade. The Prince commands me to send the two enclosed pat- terns of silk trousers and stockings, which have been made in England, and which his Royal Highness always wears, and to give you an order to make six pairs of each pattern for his Royal Highness's use ; and which, if you could prevail upon people to adopt, would be far more advantageous to your trade than the stockings."